Top 10 Tips for Selling Your Home


The housing market is a tough industry for the uninitiated. Here are some tips for getting the best price for your house and selling it before it becomes stale!


1.     Change your mindset: You need to stop seeing your house as your home, and start seeing it through the eyes of potential buyers. Make a list of all the defects in the house: dripping taps, wonky door handles and peeling paint. Then fix them before you start showing the house.

2.     Pick your agent: Most buyers nowadays go online first when house hunting. How effective is your agent’s online presence? Do they have a website, an active face book page and an up to date classifieds profile? Remember the power of online marketing is huge. If your agent has 200 “likes” on their page and each of those people have 200 friends…your agent has the potential reach of 40 000 people who will see your property!

3.     Check out your Competition: Buyers will on average look at 40 houses before they finally buy one. They will know exactly what is on the market, and what is good value for money. In order to know what you are up against, you need to get your agent to take you to see the houses that are in the same price range as yours. This will give you an idea of how well your house will compare to the others on the market.

4.     Price: Once you know what else is on the market, you will have a good idea of how well your property has been priced. Don’t be afraid to put it on the market lower than the competition. This will attract interest from the buyers who know a good deal. You may receive more than one offer, which could result in a bidding war…Every seller’s dream!

5.     Access: It is essential to make your house as accessible as possible. It is no good having viewings only at certain times on certain days. Buyers want to see a house at a moment’s notice. If your house is available to view anytime, you will get the buyers in over your competition who are more restrictive on viewing times.

6.     Curb appeal: First impressions count, there is no denying this. Make sure the first thing the buyers see, impresses them. Keep the outside of your property immaculate, the electric gate must work and the garden must be well manicured. These simple tricks will get the buyer wanting to see the inside of the house. Remember buyers have seen so many properties, that they become jaded, so make the prospect of seeing your house refreshing and you will stand out from the competition.

7.     Declutter and depersonalize: Make sure you have tidied up and put away all non-essential brick-a-brack. Buyers like a blank canvas so they can imagine themselves living in the spaces of your home. Too much furniture crowds a room and makes everything look smaller.

8.     Sweeten the deal: Think about leaving the generator or kitchen appliances. This gives the buyers the impression that they are getting something more for their money if they buy your house. In reality, generators, fridges and stoves are relatively inexpensive items to replace, but can be the “icing” which closes the deal for you.

9.     Remain objective: Selling your home is an emotional decision. But wherever possible, try to remain objective, and take any criticism as constructively as possible. Some reactions from other buyers may be used to improve the property, which then leads to the right buyer buying your house.

10.Listen to your agent: If you chose your agent wisely, you should be able to trust them and any advice they give you should be heeded. They are the experts after all, and they are just as keen to sell your house as you are, and they want the best price. But if your price is too high, listen to them, because not only will your house not sell, but your agent will lose interest in trying to market an unsalable property.